Monday, February 26, 2007

Interesting Facts

Unsegmented worms are generally parasitic rather than the free-living members of their phylum. Parasitic round worms include hookworms, trichinosis-causing worms, filarial worms, and eye worms.

-Hookworms are serious human intestinal parasites that are found in southern United States and cause weakness and poor growth to its host.

-Trichinosis is a disease caused by the roundworm Trichinella. These roundworms damage muscle cells and other organs that cause terrible pain for the host.

-Filarial worms are threadlike worms that live in the blood and lymph vessels of birds and mammals. Filarial worms block the passage of fluids within the lymph vessels and cause elephantiasis, a condition in which an affected part of the body sells enormously.

-Eye worms affect both human and baboons. The worms got its name because they often move across the surface of the eye.

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